[Parsisiust] PP 003 Sloppy livin' "Skirtumai" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 007 Common Enemy "late night skate" MC
[Parsisiust] PP 008 PEKATRALATAK "Beware the past, fight the present, fear the future" MC
[Parsisiust] PP 011 Karma Jawless "Williewallomar1lynousbourne" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 012 TORO BRAVO "Greatesthits" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 016 VA / 'Vilniaus gatves' CD
[Parsisiust] PP 019 Lenino pr. "Лечу в Париж" MCD
[Parsisiust] PP 020 The Bayonets "our fight" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 021 Loco Locals "That's all..." CD
[Parsisiust] PP 022 Toro Bravo "Tavo vertybės" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 023 Pasidaryk Pats sampler vol. 2 CD
[Parsisiust] PP 025 JMMS "Almost everything I want to say" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 026  "Drive" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 027 Fact You "s/t" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 028 V/A "Vilniaus gatvės" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 030 Atencja "Refleksje" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 32 AFM "Alpha Fridge Magnets" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 034 BU-BY "Artist?" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 035 KriegOPFer "Erasenation" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 036 Sanatorija "S/T" CD 
[Parsisiust] PP 037 365 DNI "Czas Podpora" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 038 Save Remains "Youth Approach" CD
[Parsisiust] PP 039 Cervelli Stanki "Fifteen Years - Old Tunes, New Blood !"
[Parsisiust] PP 040 V/A "Vilniaus gatvės Vol. 3" CD